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The majority of these pieces are for sale. Paintings may be commissioned from ideas, photos or live sittings.


None of these pieces are for sale. Each Hatch Work piece is an example of Dance companies photos. Companies or individuals may commission me to work up photos in this style.

Fine Line

These pictures have been inspired by dance, sports, activism, neighbors and their families. All pieces are for sell. I can create line pieces from photos on commission. All pieces are in black and white.


Each gesture has been drawn live during a professional dance rehearsal, class, or performance. Companies may commission me to come and draw their work live. These pieces are can be sold individually, or box sets which have been preselected.

latest works

Mission Statement

Artist, Carol Prud'homme
Visual Art and Dance have always been my palette. Through dance I allowed my body to scream, cry and celebrate bliss. This enabled me to navigate through life and listen to myself. Visual arts allowed me to draw my environment.  Not judging my subjects, but feeling their pulse and humanity. Lines in motion were the result. Unlike photography, my art is never flat, but alive. As I shared my work with dancers and neighbors, they felt that my lines expressed their inner self. I realized that I wanted to sell these pieces at prices that everyone could afford.